Your Uber Is Arriving: The MegaApp That Takes You Places

A blog by: Thomas Williamson Domol

Marco Rubio Speech On Innovation At Uber's DC Offices

Marty McFly didn’t see this coming. In an age where every product or service makes a claim to being the “next big thing”, it’s easy for people to be skeptical about any offering from Silicon Valley. We have apps that tell you new songs, apps that get you healthy, and even apps that tell you if the girl in line at “Five Guys” wants to go out with you. And now this.

We’ve all got places to go and how we get there, namely how efficiently we get there is paramount. I’m of course talking about the most popular taxi App in the world, Uber which cut its teeth on fast, safe rides for everyone from New York to Kyoto.

With origins dating back to 2008 in Paris, France, founder and creator Garrett Camp has turned Uber Enterprises into a multi-pronged corporation which is always expanding and coming up with new ways to serve its users. Here’s how Uber works: download the app (making sure location services are turned on), enter a valid credit or debit card to establish payment, then simply enter your desired destination and an Uber driver picks you up and takes you there.

The user gets an estimated wait time for pick up, the name of the driver with a picture, and the make and model of the car they are driving. In theory, anyone can be an Uber cabbie, so long as your vehicle is new enough, and you’re an upstanding citizen with a clean record. I don’t feel the need to divulge any further into what that means.

Uber is useful for any situation. I use it for everything. Whether I’m heading to Publix or checking out the bar scene in downtown Chicago, Uber is always with me to make things much easier, and to to make not having a car tolerable.

With the Christmas season in full swing, a lot of folks will be partaking in “Kris Kringle Crawls”, “Secret Santa Suarez”, or just a garden variety  Christmas party. For all of them, you’re going to Iwant to tap the button on your smart device and summon a friendly neighborhood Uber cabbie, they may actually be your neighbor.

For getting around with remarkable ease, you really only have one option. Don’t splurge for the executive “Uber Black”, try to avoid the higher rate “surge pricing”, and most importantly, BE POLITE, because the drivers rate you just as you rate them, it goes a long way. If you haven’t already, maybe it’s time to call up a new kind of cab ride.





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