Rickie and Rory Headline Epic New Era Of Golf, and You Should Be Excited

The new face of golf

The new face of golf

A blog by: Thomas Williamson Domol

A trophy still shines bright, even at night. Do me a favor, turn to the person to your right, and say Rory McIlroy. Did you do it? Good. Now,  turn to the person to your left, and say Rickie Fowler. Now, sit back and let those two names get comfortable in your household, because golf fan or not, sports fan or not, you’re going to be hearing them about them a lot and or a long time to come. And that’s a good thing.

You’re thinking it so let’s talk about it, golf is a game of records and names, names like Tiger, Phil, and Jack, and the sport needs those names, along with epic play like what we’ve seen from McIlroy in the past 3 weeks, to stay on people’s minds.

With four major championships, McIlroy, at age 26, is the fourth youngest golfer to reach that number, and he shows no signs of letting up. Throughout this past weekend at Valhalla Golf Club, he played terrific golf with some of the best the game has to offer,  and he did it with consistent swagger and confidence, in the Dark on Sunday. He’s a great kid with a lot of pep, and he says all the right things.

First name basis. Two syllables. And your new future favorite American hero.

First name basis. Two syllables. And your new future favorite American hero.

Then, there’s Rickie Fowler, a part native American best known for his signature orange Puma attire on Sundays. He hasn’t won a major title yet, but he’s come awfully close, with top ten finishes in the last two majors of this season, The Open Championship, and the PGA Championship. Plus, he made this Sportscenter commercial…

So clearly he’s got a great sense of humor, but it really matters because the guy can flat out play. Golf needs that, guys that can flat out play, and do so with a measure of pizzazz and whimsy. We want to see these guys have fun, something that not every player on tour does.

Let’s bring Rory back into the picture because he has now set the tone for an epic battle to wage on for years to come. We will be treated to playoffs, improbable bunker shots, and heartbreaks that will make your eyes well up. America needs a great story, we just do, and we don’t even know it until the first page is read to us.

This is one story you are not going to want to put down.



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