Film Review: Might as Well 22 Jump Street, Summer’s Best Comedy

“He has one class in Human Sexuality, and suddenly he’s Harvey Milk”- Jonah Hill as Schmidt in 22 Jump Street

A blog by: Thomas Williamson Domol


We all have busy lives, and every authority on journalism, every text book and tutorial, says to load the most important information in the top third of any piece, so here it is: 22 Jump Street is a perfect comedy. Honestly, if you don’t like this film, odds are you’ve never found anything to be funny in your life. This is a quick, sharp-tongued, action-packed, and tear inducing comedy sequel starring two A-listers in Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, that will have you thinking of excuses to see it again and again. Take a look at this uncensored trailer below and that will set the stage.

To be honest, most of us have been on spring break, but very few of us remember anything that happened during those glorious 10-12 days of fun in the sun, novelty sombreros, and t-shirts that read “Here for the Beer”. In other words, it’s the most magical time of a young person’s life, by the way, if you can party all day for 2 weeks straight, I want to shake your hand.


So we find our main protagonists in this raucous setting, investigating a trendy new drug making its way across campus called “Whyphy”, which stands for, “Work hard yes, play hard yes”, which as the name indicates, starts the user off with laser focus, and then swiftly turns into a pretty trippy psychedelic. To see these actors having sob much fun on cameras is a delight, however, given Hill’s meteoric rise to success with Wolf of Wall Street, who knows if we’ll ever be treated to another sequel to complete the trilogy

The casting is perfect, Ice Cube, who I usually loathe, is hilarious as our duo’s boss, his one-liners are on point and seemingly improvised. Another element I thoroughly enjoyed was the film’s willingness to be self referential and self deprecating, the closing credits sequence in particular will have you gasping for air. Another marquee scene has Tatum simply listing off the names of characters from Dora the Explorer to Mexican drug dealers

I’m being very selective in what I reveal to you. I loved this movie. If you saw the first one, see it. If you didn’t, see it. Just see it. Do a double feature of this and Guardians of the Galaxy, bring a friend, bring two friends, there is no wrong way to take in this movie. If you’re a college student reading this review, and you’re looking to make friends with your entire floor, pick this movie up on Blu Ray, and thank me later.




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