Accept: The Vitaility of Acceptance in Life

A blog by: Thomas Wiliamson Domol

Usually I start my blogs with some type of quote from or pertaining to the material I am about to discuss, which as many of you who follow my blog know, I review things. But, in the interest of not becoming a “one trick pony”, I’ve decided to branch out and cover just some of what has been on my mind lately. I also omitted a quote, even though there are no doubt thousands of applicable quotes about change and acceptance because I kind of just wanted to cut to the chase and get these thoughts down. It’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about today, and in fact for the last several months as I adjust to a whole new life out on my own in the “real world”.


First let me say this, and my sentiment will fall under the category of “preaching to the choir”, but, no matter how much education you have, no matter how many countries you have visited, or languages you have picked up, life gets exponentially more difficult as you get older. At least it has for me in the past year. You see, some of us are life long learners, which can mean a lot, it may just suggest that you go to the aquarium a lot because you’re fascinated to learn more about marine life and vegetation, or it might mean that you are incessantly viewing “DIY” videos on Youtube. It can mean a lot of things, but since this is a blog, and not a dissertation, I’ll move along.


For me, and I didn’t even realize this until just recently, school was a safety net, not only did it provide me with structure, but it gave me suggestions of other things I may be into, school was akin to the “You May Also Like” feature on every app and website, only it’s right almost all the time.

Once you head out into the world, you either have to seek out new structure, or create your own, sometimes that can be difficult because structures need to be constructed by skilled architects. We seek out organization because we need to feel like we have control, a feeling I haven’t experienced since moving to Florida…

Anyways, acceptance is important in every facet of life, most of the time there is a negative connotation associated with this notion, like a death in the family, which is completely natural and part of personal growth. But lets go a bit deeper, pretty much all the good things in are lives have originated from some form of acceptance, like buying a new song on iTunes, probably a bad example due to all the terms we willingly and unknowingly agree to, but you have to take that leap of faith that Apple does not want to harvest your organs or reserve the right to turn you into a robot from the Will Smith movie.

All of our book clubs, Netflix memberships, first dates, concert tickets… All acceptance.


To paraphrase Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday, When you get older, you lose stuff, things that matter, but you only realize that when you start losing things. Something about taking on your fears makes you less afraid, when you show everyone everything, what have you to fear? It’s like laying out all your cards on the table in poker, because once that happens, you no longer wonder any of the thoughts that were running through your mind. “Will they all fold because they think I’m bluffing?” Well, yes, they might, but it won’t be because they think you’re bluffing.

Will any of these words change how you view acceptance, does it really matter? Acceptance means change, and change is inevitable, and people hate change, because it usually means you’re giving up something, or at least creates that perception. Challenge yourself to be better than fear and inevitability


Hope you enjoyed this one. Maybe you did, maybe you didn’t, but if nothing else, if it made you think, I feel good about it.





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