Travel Fascination: The Importance of Discovery


The pretend version of the United Kingdom, at Epcot. I hope to visit the real one sometime this year

The pretend version of the United Kingdom, at Epcot. I hope to visit the real one sometime this year.

A map of the only continent I have been to thus far. Still pretty nice.

A map of the only continent I have been to thus far. Still pretty nice.

Hey all, let’s tie up a few loose ends before we get started shall we? First off I am currently in the process of changing the overall theme of this blog, so when you see the “Motown Lowdown” you can simply write that off as an attempt at sounding clever, and In no way summarizes what this blog is about. To that end, if you have any suggestions as to what I should call this blog, I’d love to hear them. Secondly wow, the length of those paragraphs in that last blog were horrendous and the antithesis of everything my professors taught me in school when it comes to the concept of “readability”.

At any rate, do you like to travel? I do, even though as of this writing I’ve only been to one other foreign country, and one continent (North America), I have always been fascinated by the exploration, discovery, and bonding that comes with traveling the world. If you were to count Epcot as a form of world travel, I would be in an unprecedented master class of culture, and artistic appreciation, but as of the time of this post, the entirety of Epcot still only resides in America, (How about that Bass Ale though? Am I right?)

My general theory when it comes to travel is that it’s not necessarily where you’re going, but how you get there that matters most. Of course, when you visit somewhere new, you open your world to a staggering wealth of new customs, traditions, foods, arts, and entertainment. The road trip is probably one of the most important things in life. I say this because throughout your life, you will go on countless road trips, and so much has to go right in each one to be considered successful or enjoyable. The wrong combination of music, food, people, and traffic can prove extremely problematic. Incidents like Taco Bell running out of tacos, or someone forgetting the lyrics to “Don’t Stop Believin”. If done right, a road trip can be a singular, unifying experience involved, that makes the trip itself more memorable as a whole.

You won’t believe this, but I actually thoroughly enjoy the process of traveling. Sure security checkpoints are mind numbing, and some of your fellow travelers sense of apathy for your personal space can be alarming to say the least, but packing my bags up, or playing a song from the place I’m traveling to; (I played “Good Vibrations” before my first trip to the beach), gets me mentally prepared and excited for the journey ahead.


There is pretty much nowhere I don’t want to visit at least once, that’s a lofty goal that might need to be scaled down a bit, but I’d at least like to do the “best of”. I think one of the best ways to know a lot about the world around you is to experience it, and learn the small differences that make earth the most unique planet in the galaxy. Two events I’ve always really wanted to attend are Wimbeldon and The Open Championship, I realize that both these events take place in Europe, but it’s the small differences I alluded to that I just find riveting. Things like local vernacular or the way someone orders a beer is just really cool and cultures will always show you the myriad ways a civilization can thrive under varying circumstances. In other words, there is no wrong way to exist. Travel is essential to cultures understanding each other and ultimately could lead to fewer misunderstandings and social warfare.

It’s getting pretty late, I don’t know what time it is where you are, and might I add that I hope things are going fantastically well for you wherever you may be but as these words pour out of my keyboard, and you ask yourself what I’m even getting at, I guess what the general takeaway from this is to let yourself be the person you want to be by seeing and experiencing everything you ever wanted to within your means, and find something outstanding.




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