2013: Year in Review


Disney’s breakout hit of the holiday season


We “Got Lucky” over and over again in 2013

Each day exists within itself and can contain its very own “best of”, as we go along throughout the 365 days that make up a whole year (unless it’s a leap year, which 2013 was not), we compile these moments and reflect on everything good that happened. Let me take a step back for those of you who might not know me, I’m Tom, recent college graduate from Detroit, Michigan. I currently reside in Orlando, Florida where I work at Walt Disney World. I started this blog back in 2011 for a journalism class, when I would post every week out of necessity, for graded assignments.

Honestly, in terms of the great successes in the blogosphere, I do not chart, not yet anyways, up until now I haven’t posted very frequently, one could even say I barely post at all, and they would be right. But since 2014 is a new year, and as I experience more events worth writing about, I plan to throw my hat back into the ring and try to provide you, the loyal reader with the best culture and entertainment centric content I can generate.

So, on with the show… Typically I don’t like odd numbered years, there is no logical basis for this dislike, maybe subconsciously I just prefer even numbers, but all in all 2013 had a lot to like, from the return of the summer anthem, to Disney’s reclaiming of the original feature animation throne, the year thrilled us and surprised us. In terms of the latter, Disney’s runaway hit Frozen was one of the most heart-warming films of the year and not for the reasons you might think. In my humble opinion, the company has relied too heavily on Pixar Studios to be its golden goose, providing thrilling experiences (The Incredibles, Brave), and borderline traumatic, life altering films (Toy Story 3). Frozen is excellent because it has the character and plot development of a much more ambitious film.

The main characters are relatable and the supporting ones are charming and memorable. Anna and Elsa, two sisters separated by circumstance, are the two most empathetic characters in any medium in 2013. As someone who gets to see his siblings much less than I want to, my heart broke for their unfortunate scenario, and forced me out of my seat cheering at the films shocking yet satisfying conclusion.

If you haven’ongs it seen it, see it. Moving along… Everyone needs a good soundtrack to their lives, and this past year provided two undeniably essential songs that to this day I ask for by name, and will probably listen to again after I finish writing this. Before I get to them, a couple of honorable mentions: 2013 saw the one of my favorite artists of all time, Justin Timberlake, make his ambitious return to music with The 20/20 Experience Parts 1&2. Though long each song offers something unique yet distinctively JT at the same time, tracks like That Girl will have you bopping along and swaying to the beat with your favorite special someone. I also discovered Ellie Goulding, and I’m glad I did because she is breathtaking and seems incapable of making anything but hits. My two favorite song of the year though…

These  both were ones that you could on just about any radio station and hear them, played during halftimes, barmitzvahs, weddings, and hootenannys. The two songs in question are Blurred Lines, by Robin Thicke, and Get Lucky by Daft Punk. The songs to me mark the first time in a long time where everyone was in on the act, other current stars like Lady Gaga tend to play to more niche markets and are not always easily stomached  “Applause” is a fine enough song, but the type that you go out of your way for. What’s great about both songs is that they both so deftly captured the whimsical and carefree spirit of the summer, barbeques, house parties, you name it. While up at my summer cottage in Michigan this past July, I probably heard those songs a combined 867,000 times, and I loved each one.

Well folks, that’s really all I have for you right now, in all honesty this was more of a test to see if I could still compose a coherent sentence since it has been so long that I have written anything. What do you think? What did you like about this past year? What did you loathe about it? Sound off in the comments below and tell me everything you would have included. It has been great having you, I’m sure we’ll see a lot more of each other as the year goes on. Can’t wait.


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