The Blog Through the Smog With the Dog

Well hello there, it sure is nice to see you again!

Let me reintroduce myself, my name is Thomas Williamson Domol, but you can call me Tom or Tommy D, that’s what most of my colleagues prefer anyways, and it seems to work. You may notice a few changes, and honestly they are all equally overdue, not the least of which is the subject matter of the blog itself.

Now that we’re settled back in and I’ve returned from a summer that can only be described as a vision quest, let’s get down to brass tacks.

For this edition, I followed two college football blogs; one pertaining solely to Michigan State, and the other is operated by Yahoo Sport’s Matt Hinton, aka Dr. Saturday, and covers all of college football. The MSU blog TheOnlyColors is run by a collection of professional sports journalists with a passion for Green and White.

Over at Dr.Saturday, you will find a much more expansive coverage of the world of college football, but one of the nice things about blogging, is that most of the time, the author can write about whatever they want.

The Spartans blog covers absolutely every angle of Michigan State’s matchups for each week including scouting reports, videos, play diagrams and analysis of each week’s game. Everything is laid out nicely to quickly scroll through and find the particular topic you wish to read more about. The site is set up impeccably with a blog roll full of useful links to other MSU websites, as well as to a host of other Big Ten blogs and sports related offerings.

The site posts Twitter feeds from followers and incorporates comments from the readers in an intuitive fashion.

The site gets too bogged down with overly complicated charts and graphs that would only make sense in context to the trained eye. The writers spend too much time on statistics as a means of describing what happened.

One critical aspect of delivering a good blog is update frequency, as stated in both class notes, and by Briggs, the author of our text-book. Updates are a driving force in gaining credibility and popularity as a blogger and gathering a nice following.

Dr. Saturday is a fine blog  with a bit more polish, Hinton opts to allow for comments via Facebook for each of his posts as he is addressing a wider scope of topics. His offerings include thoughts on blown calls, his most anticipated games, and the fashion of a new uniform at specific institutions.

His tone can come off as being a bit too sarcastic and updates perhaps more than he should which depreciates the quality of the blog With a more sincere approach for both, it would add more gravitas to the posts and make them more legitimate. It also wouldn’t hurt them to respond to user comments once in a while. Ignoring the posts from readers alienates them and makes it seem as though the author is better than everyone else.

I would just add a bit more of a personal touch t, making it more inviting to the reader, like frequent reactions to what the community is thinking, to make the user feel more involved.

That’s all for now.




  1. Hi Tom! I see that you blog a lot! Your blog really flowed well to me. It was a easy read. I didn’t have a problem following what you were saying, and I am not that into sports, but you made me want to check out the blogs because they both sounded very interesting. You kept your paragraphs short and concise which is good. Also, I liked that you had the screen shots of the blogs in your blog, and I really like the overall layout of your blog, it is very visual. I really like that.

  2. Hey tom I like your introduction. It makes it easier for us to address you in the comments as you told me a “litte bit about yourself” . I think you should have a page with your picture and about you information so people will know these things about you for every post. Your writing is also good and easy to read, it became clear to me the problem with these sports blogs that I would have never noticed.

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