NFL Draught

Well folks, the time has come for a sports event that is both frantically exciting and hibernation inducing. I’m talking of course about the NFL draft, three days of gripping, edge of your seat name reading by a guy in a suit (NFL commissioner Roger Goddell.)

It will never be confused with the Super Bowl, but some teams take big strides their quest to play in one through what they do in the draft. The draft is always a great chance, to unwind with your pals or “Grab some Buds” as the Budweiser tagline suggests, and dream big for the future triumphs of your favorite team. It’s also not a bad time for a draught, (see what I did there) because it is the weekend after all.

As a life long Lions fan I’ve been subjected several painful, borderline torturous draft days at the behest of Matt Millen, but he’s gone and a new era of great football is blossoming before our eyes. With all that taken into consideration, here are my picks for the best draft day draughts.

1. Coors Light- You’ve probably seen the commercials over the years featuring strategically placed dialogue from NFL head coaches press conference clips, like Denny Green with his infamous rant with the Arizona Cardinals, they’re great and so is this beer. Buy the mini “fridge” keg over a 12 pack. With this at your house and your buddies on hand, the only downside will be choosing who has to pick up the next one. This beer is who you thought it was!

2. Leinenkugel Summer Shandy- We here in Michigan were fortunate enough to enter a cheat code to skip winter this year, as a result, seasonal ales like Summer Shandy and Belle’s Oberon made it to store shelves quicker this year. Shandy’s lemonade flavor is a Pro Bowl caliber crowd pleaser and will keep you in the game until the final pick is made.

3.Guinness Draught Lager- I you have learned nothing else about me through these blogs, I certainly hope my affinity for the brew made in St. James Gate Dublin is obvious. Dark, rich, and talented in the ways of satisfying your taste buds while sitting through more incoherent rambling from Chris Berman, and staring into the void of Mel Kiper Jr.’s slick back. Extraordinary.

Alright then sports fans, almost time for kick off, all that’s left to do now is sit back, relax, and wait 5 months until the actual season starts. At least Megatron is on this year’s Madden cover.

Happy drinking!



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