Hops To It

Hello there, perhaps you remember me? The guy with the Central Michigan University beer blog? The author whose every word you hang on like a painting on the wall? Well, here I am, back from an extended siesta which included things like; virtual hang gliding attractions,encounters with fabled Disney characters, and several sleepless nights spent contemplating just what to dazzle you with next.

Well I’ve got just the thing, I think you’re gonna like this one. More specifically Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, because these brew masters have a collection of products like “Torpedo”, and their seasonal

Not all, but most beers share a certain ingredient (not alcohol) that really makes it, shall I say, jump. I’m talking of course about hops. Some beers have far more than others, and it adds a characteristic to the beverage that I can’t quite define, but you know it’s there, like a crying infant on an airplane only much more likely to elicit a positive reaction.

I’d like to look at one in particular that has always been an old friend of mine, Sierra Nevada, a beer deserving of top marks across the board. Specifically we will look at Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, which unlike some of their other beers, is available year round.

Maybe part of the reason why I’ve chosen to focus on this beer is that I drank it for the first time while on vacation in San Francisco, visiting my sister, or maybe because it’s just damn good. Ken Grossman founded Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. in 1979 in Chico, California after studying physics and chemistry in college, and recording several trips to Germany to learn the art of the craft beer. So says the company’s official website.

Sierra Nevada is just a good beer though,plain and simple. It doesn’t overwhelm the palette, leaves no stinging after taste, and is also a great beer to serve at a dinner party or any social function, including my sister’s wedding.

So my recommendation, give this beer a shot, if you haven’t already, you’ll be glad you did… Probably.

Good to be back my friends.

Happy drinking.



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