The Spring Break Beer blog: (“Thong Song” not included)

Hello friends, lets just cut to the chase, I’m back with another edition and I promise this one will be about beer, (as I suppose it always should). I’ve got something real special for you this week, as the CMU student body prepares for a ritual rivaled by few other events in life, other than The Masters, the release of Sony’s new Playstation Vita, and, of course, the inception of this blog. I’m talking about spring break, a time when Red Bulls are replaced with Mai Tais, and Ugg Boots with flip flops.

A vital part of this glorious time for those of us who are of age is obviously what will we be drinking while playing beach volleyball? Well, fear not, because I have compiled a list of the top Spring Break beers to slake your thirst and “take you down to the Paradise City.” I deem this to be a pretty comprehensive list, but as always don’t hesitate to join in with what you think makes a great break libation. Now, just like Bud Light, “Here We Go.”

  • Corona- Ubiquitous beer for vacation, add a lime, and you’re on your way. You’ve seen the commercials, some of you might even be enjoying one while using your smartphone as a skipping stone.
  • Tecate- This one was brought to my attention by my brother just a few years ago while at our cottage in northern Michigan. It’s cheap, tastes good, and compliments burgers and brats really nicely.
  • Michelob Ultra- More commonly called “Mich Ultra” this is a must have for any golf trip, or any other extended vacation.
  • Stella Artois- Mentioned this one briefly in my previous blog. Regal beer, best enjoyed out of a chalice, and it lets people know you came to be classy.
  • Yeungling Black&Tan- Combines this “best of both worlds” beverage into one tantalizing ciesta treat. One sip, and you immediately know you’re not in the office or lecture hall anymore. Superb
  • Guiness Black Lager- Deeply in love with this beer right now, guess that’s why it cracked the top 5. Essentially “Guiness Light”, but way more mind blowing.
  • Miller Lite- What?! Yes, it has a lot of flavor and my mom likes it. You could do a whole lot worse on any trip, in America anyway.
  • Kirin Ichiban- Now we’re getting down to the big boys, this one is hugely satisfying, a little bitter but not overwhelming. Japan is the country of origin and so far I have not seen it sold in Michigan, so hopefully you are leaving town. Find it in bottles at some stores in Chicago and San Francisco, and at Epcot’s World Showcase.
  • Yeungling Traditional Lager- Let me tell ya something, America’s Oldest Brewery knows how to make one hell of a beer. It’s like running into your best friend, and then winning your March Madness pool in the same day. Close to perfect. Try it.
  • Safari Amber- As of the time of this post, this is not sold in any African country, but Oh. My. Word is this a fantastic beer. The ONLY place I’ve had it is at the Walt Disney World Resort in  Animal Kingdom and Epcot Center. Simply put, this beer is exquisite, exceptional notes of caramel that don’t overwhelm the palette eminate throughout this triumphant brew. Most easily found in captivity at the “Coolpost” inside Epcot. I will try to find who makes this beer, buy the company, and then share it with all of you. It’s that good.

Okay folks, there you have it. Be sure to have your bags packed and boarding passes ready because this is sure to be a simply breathtaking break. Enjoy, and until next time… Happy drinking!

One more thing…

There, a little inspiration in case you’re staying home next week.


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