The Start Of A Brewtiful Friendship

Cheers! Prost! Salud! Most of all welcome, to what is sure to become the most popular blog about beer at CMU, that also happens to be a required assignment for my journalism class. Who am I? Just your typical 25 year old, incredibly social college student with an affinity for the wonderful world of beer, and all its treasures.

If you’re a fan of brew, this is for you, and without further adieu… I examine our first beer. One thing to mention before we get started is that I am a social drinker. You will often times find me at parties, weddings, batmitvahs, (L’chaim!) etc. enjoying a nice chalice of brew. Where there’s smoke there’s fire and most of the time with me where there’s beer, there’s pizza. So with that in mind my first two posts will let you know what compliments a nice slice the best. But I digress…

Labatt Blue Light. The Ballpark beer, official imported beer of the Detroit Tigers and one of my favorites. It’s cool, refreshing, gets you buzzed, and its logo can be seen here. Mild beer, nice aftertaste, perfect for enjoying while watching Miguel Cabrera send one into the upper deck. Has a little bit of sweetness to it on the finish, and its only 5% alcohol by volume, so you’ll be able to make it out of Comerica or friend’s house under your own power. I’m getting thirsty just thinking about it. A 24 pack on just about any college campus will run you about $17.99, depending on specials within the store. Delicious and economical. With Super Bowl XLVI  coming up in just a few days, you might as well pick yourself up a case, and watch Tom Brady collect yet another Lombardi Trophy to add to his collection.

So there you have it. Chalk one up for the good guys. How do you feel right now? Winded? Excited? Thirsting for a cup of suds? We’re just getting started, and its going to be one hell of a ride. So until next time you fans of fermentation… Can’t wait to see you all again. Happy drinking!




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